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Winners...are not those who never fail but those who never quit! Do you have what it takes? 

             Classes held at APCO Lodge Ravenna              
In the event Ravenna schools are closed due to weather, class will be cancelled for that day.

Welcome to the Ravenna Martial Arts Academy home page. The Ravenna Martial Arts Academy is based on Grand Master Tong Choo Choi's style of martial arts and is a member of the World Self Defense Arts Association.
Our focus is on traditional martial arts training for the purpose of self defense, fitness, discipline, confidence, coordination and motivation.
Choi's Tae Kwon Do Institute has been teaching martial arts for the Ravenna Parks and Recreation Department since 1979. Master's Harjung and Vanderpool have been the head instructors of the Ravenna Martial Arts Academy since 1985.

"What is World Self Defense Arts"?
Because there is not one perfect martial art for any given self defense situation Grandmaster Choi developed a comprehensive self defense system by combining the most effective, practical techniques from Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, and Karate with a foundation built on traditional Tae Kwon Do.
Therefore World Self Defense arts techniques include not only the high, powerful kicks of Tae Kwon Do but also joint locks, throws, pressure points, ground fighting and grappling.
No martial artist is complete with only physical skills. Traditional philosophy, respect, responsibility, discipline and courtesy are taught and reinforced in every class.
All of our instructors have earned their rank under the direct guidance of Grandmaster Choi and are legitimately qualified martial arts instructors with their students best interests always a primary goal.








Self Control



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