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Grand Master Tong Cho Choi (center),Master Harjung (left), Master Vanderpool (right) 6th Dan Test, December 3, 2005

Master George Harjung - 6th Dan

Master Harjung is a 30+ year veteran of the martial arts. Starting in the Ravenna Parks and Rec TaeKwonDo program in 1980 and assuming the instructor position in 1985. Currently a sixth degree black belt in the World Self Defense Arts Association, Master Harjung is dedicated to enriching the lives of his students through challenging, traditional martial arts instruction. Master Harjungs philosophy predicates on the fact that martial arts transcends mere self defense and applies to most facets of life.

Master Rebecca Nowak - 5th Dan
Mrs. Nowak has been with RMAA since 1987 and achieved her 1st Dan Black Belt in 1990
Not only is Mrs. Nowak one of the most longstanding students of RMAA but she is also has the honor of being the highest ranked female student and the first female master in Grandmaster Choi's system.
Mrs. Nowak teaches Tuesdays class and has aspirations of having her own school someday. She is one of the most giving and selfless people you will ever meet.

Black Belts Instructed by Master Harjung and Master Vanderpool


Mrs. Rebecca Nowak - 5th Dan*
Mr. Mitchell Smith - 5th Dan*
Mrs. Donna Darrah - 5th Dan*

Mr. Josh Edwards - 2nd Dan
Mr. Tim Roen - 2nd Dan
Ms. Joyce Mahaffey - 2nd Dan*

Mr. Dan Dobrilovic - 1st Dan
Mr. Darren Burrows - 1st Dan
Miss Ann Langston - 1st Dan
Mr. Larry Langston - 1st Dan
Mr. Brandon Burns - 1st Dan
Mr. Stephen Vanderpool - 1st Dan
Mr. Mitchell Edwards - 1st Dan
Miss Jillian Faitz - 1st Dan
Mr. John Carson - 1st Dan
Mr. Charles Doolittle - 1st Dan
Mr. Rich King - 1st Dan
Ms. Barbara Yeager - 1st Dan
Mr. Andrew Poland - 1st Dan*
Mr. Zach King - 1st Dan

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